Sunday, November 11, 2007

my crazy sundae

swimming's a particular thing that i do.except 4 da fact tat i hate it.i tottally sucks man.i'm in sliver liaoz.and muz complete gold bfore i can stop.i wanna sing instead of swim.there's a big diff btween SING and swim.singing's all about music.swiming muz use ur handz and legz lei.i hope tis freaking thin about swiming can's hell 4 mi. all i can do @home's watch da tv n sing.i'm geetin kinda freaked out.but one thing's 4 sure.i lurve to hangout


tasha chew min yi said...

heys! u dun need to be sad! im always here juz 4 u (:

tasha chew min yi said...

jolyn im sorri 4 u too! (:
cheer up! -tasha's always here!