Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SPOP hurray

i love SPOP.it's great.i love it.SPOP's abt singapore music.i rocks. got jj lin n many fantastic music teachers.when i grow up,i wanna be like them.they teach famous ppl.lee wei song is quite strict.i wanna get someone else around my age.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


omg.PSLE RESULTS r here. muz get 210 n above.waiting for 12 pm.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

super friendster.

soo happy tat got plenty of fwenz hu r superstars.but i dunnoe whearther rral or not lei .haha.(:i juz feel lyke saying i'll miss ya to all my 6 ki fwenz.muz jia you.dun give up hopes coz we r always 2gether.muz wok harder sia.but muz remember 1 thing.we can stiick 2gether.

watin 4 PSLE

3 more days 2 psle results sia.watin n countin dwn gonna b over.i hope i get over mum's expectations which is 210 n above.juz dun fall into N(t) ok liao.tat what i wish..OMG.forced 2 go to mix sch.i muz go mix sch coz nearer 2 my hse.stupid lah.

2 more dayz 2 miie b'day

i'm waitin 4 2 more dayz 2 miie b'day.cannot wait.juz tat tis yr's so diff.psle results cumin soo soon.leavin al da 6 ki ppl makes mi soo sad.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Leavin Plmgs(p)

yesterday,sch ended.all of us cry lyke shit.all of us leavin sch liaoz.all maybe goin diffrent sec liaoz.ur heart broke lyke hell.all of us can't bear 2 go.we want to stay da same .nvr leave each other.no one could stop crying.
To all my frenz,i'll miss yu 4 eva.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

my crazy sundae

swimming's a particular thing that i do.except 4 da fact tat i hate it.i tottally sucks man.i'm in sliver liaoz.and muz complete gold bfore i can stop.i wanna sing instead of swim.there's a big diff btween SING and swim.singing's all about music.swiming muz use ur handz and legz lei.i hope tis freaking thin about swiming can stop.it's hell 4 mi. all i can do @home's watch da tv n sing.i'm geetin kinda freaked out.but one thing's 4 sure.i lurve to hangout